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Corporate Wellness


New Corporate Wellness program ( Dallas and Fort-Worth)


corporate wellness dallas

corporate wellness Program


 The corporate wellness program is a valuable investment for any company.  Promoting health and employees loyalty and preventing illness can improve the productivity of employees and make companies more profitable. It can also reduce the burden of Absenteeism, hospital bills and non-productivity.   This program will be able to help companies by billing service fees to the company or employees insurance directly. This program will be helpful in early diagnosis, disease prevention and response in case of life threatening emergencies. This program covers following services.

  1. Onsite Flu shots
  2. Onsite Biometric testing
  3. Onsite TB testing
  4. Onsite CPR Training                                                                                                                                                       The professional team of Ameriimmunization is committed to providing onsite services in following cities. Their experts can design wellness program which meets the needs of the company.
  1. Dallas – Corporate wellness program
  2. Fort-Worth– Corporate wellness program
  3. Irving– Corporate wellness program
  4. Plano– Corporate wellness program
  5. Garland– Corporate wellness program
  6. Carrollton– Corporate wellness program
  7. Addison– Corporate wellness program
  8. Denton– Corporate wellness program

Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

The Vegan diet includes plants and plant products. It does not include any meat or animal products.

Diet plan

  1. Take sufficient fruits and vegetables.
  2. Use whole grains as a source of the carbohydrates.
  3. Have beans and legumes for the Protein source.
  4. Use unsaturated Oils.
  5. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.


Role of Corporate wellness program in small and medium size business

corporate wellness dallas,plano

The Corporate wellness program is based on early diagnosis, preventive measures and employee’s education.  Biometric screening can identify undiagnosed and symptomless cases of high cholesterol, High blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and weight related problems.

Preventive measures including vaccinations can protect employees from many infectious diseases. Not only employees can be saved but people come in contact will be saved from those infectious diseases.

Patients educations about maintaining good health and avoid injuries and accidents can help to live longer and healthier life. Healthy employees can live longer and perform well at work. Helping employees to live healthier and longer life is basically helping their families to have a better future.

Healthy team! The strategy to win


Elements of the corporate wellness programs are

1. Education

2. Screening


           Education includes awareness about various health problems, their causes, prevention and to improve existing conditions. Screening provides an opportunity to identify undiagnosed conditions among employees. It is an excellent approach to help employees when they are not aware of developing or established health condition. Early diagnosis helps to cure or reduce the symptoms of the health-related conditions. Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression anxiety and some other conditions do not let employees work efficiently.

 It is not just one employee, it involves entire company’s work performance, An entire family who is being taken care by an employee. We can protect our business and employees’ families from the losses by setting wellness program in place.


Managing the human resources,
and thus the employee health and safety of a company, creates a safe working
environment in which employees can feel confident and at ease. The objective
behind properly managing and maintaining the employee’s’ health and safety is
to ensure for a productive workplace where people can actively participate and
take on their everyday responsibilities without having to stress or worry about
the consequences.
When discussing the health and
safety of employees in their workplace, it’s important to consider all of the
factors that are attributed to an employee’s job in their workplace. Of course,
this differs per employee and per business, and the maintenance their health
and safety relies on everything and everyone they’re interacting with. Humans
can only tolerate so much, even in working environments, and an employee must
be able to perform their job normally and without any physical or mental
difficulty when in a healthy and safe working space. Production and work
processes can affect an employee’s safety, and the physical or mental state
that they’re in while working can affect their health. A safe and healthy
environment is easily obtainable by considering every employee and their
day-to-day experiences while on the job.
The benefits of a healthy and
safe workforce are simple and straightforward; healthy and safe employees are
more productive which leads to higher quality work. There’s also a significant
reduction in medical and insurance costs due to the fact that a safer work
environment means less accidents and injuries. This also lowers workers’
compensation rates and payments, and the company gains a stronger reputation
when outside companies and leaders notice their productivity and success. The
consequences, however, consist of an increase in injury, disease, violence,
unnecessary costs, and the deterioration of mental health. If undetected and
untreated, these consequences can turn severe and can have a long lasting
effect on the employees, as well as the company.
In a safe and healthy working
environment, employees shouldn’t be overly stressed or emotional. These people
tend to have much more on their minds aside from work, and they are easily
distracted and offended. A stressed environment creates the risk of violent employees
and unproductive processes. A stressed and unsafe environment can also mean the
presence of occupational diseases, accidents, and other workplace hazards. The
risks vary depending on the workers and the type of workplace, but occupational
diseases and workplace hazards are most likely to be exposed to workers in
chemical and oil refineries, mines, factories, hospitals, and more. Reducing
the incidence of diseases and illnesses in the workplace can easily be
accomplished through record keeping, monitoring exposure and incidents, along
with genetic screening.

While it does require a significant amount of time, effort,
and resources, creating a safe and healthy workplace is a task that every
business and organization must be able to accomplish. As long as the system
encourages for a safe environment, enforces the rules, establishes safety
awareness programs, and keeps a record of all accidents, investigations, and
incidents of diseases, an active and successful workplace can be accomplished.



The entire purpose of the corporate wellness program lies in the fact that corporations want to promote a healthy lifestyle in hopes of making the workplace more productive.


Encouraging the notion that employees should make healthy choices in and out of the workplace to maintain their health establishes high productivity, increased collaboration, and a significant reduction of employee medical claims. In addition, the wellness program combats the “presentism” epidemic, better understood as having an employee at work but not functioning to the best of their ability due to a sickness or health condition, which costs corporations billions of dollars every year.

The problem, however, stems from the fact that these wellness programs fail to properly educate the employees on proper nutrition, diets, and general health tips and tricks. Staying healthy relies on maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes everything from everyday diets to sleep schedules, and even activities that are done outside of the workplace. Wellness programs in corporations have made the mistake of not realizing that everyone and their lifestyles are different, and instead have taken a one-size-fits-all approach in educating their employees. Because of this problem, many employees fail to comprehend the true intent behind the wellness program and don’t necessarily learn things that can benefit them. Instead of providing a general overview of important health-related topics, these programs must begin providing one-on-one lessons and methods for employees to truly understand themselves and their health.

There are three types of corporate wellness programs, the first being education programs. The education program provides overviews on significant health-related topics such as the epidemic of obesity, productivity and absenteeism, the purpose of corporate wellness, and tips to start taking the necessary steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The second corporate wellness program is the combination of an education program with a bio-metric screening. A bio-metric screening is a quick health examination that is given to employees to determine and record their personal risk levels of obtaining certain diseases and medical conditions. This allows for corporations to provide the necessary care for employees who are more at risk, and it also provides insight on how they can better their wellness programs. The third type of wellness program combines an education program with a bio-metric screening, and it provides an additional health and fitness component. This program goes more in depth in terms of health and wellness, and it encourages employees to be active and stay active.

Corporate wellness programs, when implemented correctly, can be very beneficial for employees and their lives. Given the plethora of data, science, and information that corporations have, it’s imperative to put that information to use in any way that they can. The possibility of improving lives and guiding them towards the healthier path is necessary in creating and maintaining a productive and successful workplace. 


What is Corporate Wellness?

Wellness ordinarily might be characterized as mental, otherworldly, physical and passionate status of every last individual. It intends to have a sound form, a well harmony enthusiastic nature, a mindful personality on top of then an internal imperative vicinity. Likewise, in the event that we discuss the wellness on organizational level then it might be measured by examining these aforementioned manifestations of execution and activities. These behavioral exercises are identified with extents, for example correspondence, peace promotion, consideration, inspiration, administration styles, spirit and how workers function well in a gathering or a group.In order to comprehend the concept of Corporate Wellness, some basic concepts and purposes are elaborated in the most simplistic manner. To have a better grasp on this subject lets answer some key questions as:

What do Corporate Wellness programs do?
Corporate wellness systems are intended to sustain wellness in laborers, paying little mind to the earth. Occupational health systems could be discovered in industrial facilities, corporate work places, expansive companies, and little enterprises indistinguishable.

Why is Corporate Wellness essential?
Corporate Wellness is around the most crucial ventures that an organization can make. Organizations that begin Corporate Wellness systems aren’t just putting resources into the physical wellness, wellbeing, and mental steadiness of their workers, yet are likewise taking preventive measures by making a nature’s turf.

By beginning a Corporate Wellness program, enterprises have the ability to enhance the generally speaking benefit and have the ability to spare cash on health awareness expenditures. Frequently, partnerships are worried about the genuine wellness Ror (rate of return) yet the actuality is that by empowering healthier lifestyles, organizations are making healthier workers who will work all the more steadily and miss fewer days of work because of ailment.

It is basic that organizations not just give Corporate Wellness answers for their staff parts, yet that they additionally keep up progressing information about wellbeing and wellness systems. Organizations need to stay up with the latest on health detail and stay familiar with approaches to support particular wellness issues like utilization of tobacco end or weight reduction. It’s regularly accommodating for an organization to counsel with doctors who partake in medicinal Cme so they’re avant-garde with how they can help their workers in administering wellness.

Likewise, when an enterprise supports an on-site fitness club, its important that the partnership utilizes individual who have accepted the correct preparing and certificate, which makes up the fitness club administration, for support laborers with practicing securely.

In spite of the fact that organizations might create a thorough Corporate Wellness program with numerous choices, an impetus employee Wellness project is frequently essential for sway workers to really take part in the projects.

If one is making corporate wellness New York or a corporate wellness little town Ohio program, the issue that organizations frequently have in as something to be shared, is the absence of inspiration of representatives to really partake in corporate wellness programs. Furnishing motivations for workers, for example a free lunch or blessing cards, may be straightforward enough remunerates to sway representatives to take an interest in Corporate Wellness.

Poor authority brings about decreased gainfulness, intemperate representative turnover, low resolve, harmed trustworthiness of administration, expanded supervision overhead, expanded anxiety and diminished client fulfillment. Essentially, such circumstances prompt bad correspondence. This happens because of lessening in the gainfulness and these are the clashes that move along at a comfortable pace to be determined. Generally, 25% misfortune of gainfulness is the consequence of the peace promotion. Then again, solid correspondence permits workers to accept and impart the data in an improved manner, contrary clashes are escaped, it pushes fearlessness, and individuals remain equipped to characterize positive and overall characterized objectives for them, building upgraded and solid relationship by making an in general positive impact in the nature. Cooperation is something that is of extraordinary huge. It is the capability to cooperate in achieving the organization’s objectives and goals. Quite actually collaboration has been characterized by Andrew Carnegie as the fuel that permits regular individuals to accomplish extraordinary individuals. It is worth specifying here that peace making influences an organization financially and emotionally.

How to Find a Good CPR Training Program

When you finally decide to join a CPR training program you are given many choices to choose from. It is completely normal to panic when a lot of options are offered. Your job is to stay calm and find out which of these options is the best one for you. This post should help you narrow down your options and find a good CPR training program for yourself.

The first question you should ask yourself is who is the trainer?
A very important thing to find out about is if the trainer has any previous experiences in giving CPR to others or if the trainer has provided CPR training to others. If the trainer does have previous experiences then you should find out for how long. These are some main basic questions you should ask yourself and find the answers to before you start CPR training.

Most trainers are qualified medical people and are probably emergency medical providers or Nurses but that is not enough, for an excellent CPR training. If you want to get a better CPR training and want hands-on activities then you should get CPR trainings from Nurses and EMS providers, who work in hospitals, fire departments, and ambulance services. These people get many different type of medical conditions every day, and they can get you trained better in CPR than any other type of medical provider.

Choosing Right Class
What is the right class for you? Normally you begin at a basic level and then slowly move upwards to an advanced level, and that is the same case with CPR training. In CPR training you should first start off with adult CPR training classes because that is at a basic level. It also covers a few basic life saving techniques which may help you if you go into the advanced level of CPR. You should not begin with infants or children during CPR training, because that is considered as advanced CPR training.

Focus on learning not Certifications
Any person who is learning CPR should mainly focus on learning
CPR techniques rather than just getting a certificate that signifies that the person is qualified for CPR. Many of the CPR training programs are made for normal people and not for the healthcare providers. Many EMS and Medical providers do not give you any type of certification, they give you proper CPR training and that is what you need.

If you want a proper CPR training then you should try out Family and Friends CPR. Many medical providers and EMS organizations host events like these. Family & Friends CPR course is for people who don’t mind if they don’t get a CPR training certificate but want to help the community and the people around them. While attending these events one will be able to learn CPR without getting a certificate, but you will be able to help the lives of your loved ones, and your community. These are some factors that can help you find a good CPR training program. Though there are certificate CPR courses are also available for lay responders, the best ones are offered by American Heart Association (AHA), recognized as Heartsaver CPR & AED and Heartsaver First Aide Course. If someone wants to combine both, CPR and First Aid skills, then in one can take them together as Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, & AED course. Because of the availability of these various formats of CPR courses, it has become easier to choose an appropriate program based on your requirement.

Why you should get vaccinated for flu

Influenza virus, commonly known as flu, is the most common type of virus. It is a respiratory infection which enters in the body of the victim via nose, mouth and eyes. It spreads like an epidemic mostly in winter season, especially among those people who have weaker immune system and they are in close contact with people carrying influenza virus. It is most likely that you’ll get affected, unless you equip yourself against this menace.
Stats show that around 5% to 20% of the population of United States gets affected with this virus annually out of which over 200,000 people are hospitalized due to complications and around 23,000 fatalities are caused by this virus. People who possess high risk of getting flu include elderly, pregnant women and Children from 6 months to 18 years of age. Also in 2008, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization advised that everyone between 2 to 64 years should receive flu vaccination annually, with children between 6 to 24 months and the people who are in frequent contact with them are highly recommended to get influenza vaccination.

In such scenario getting flu vaccination can be quite effective in prevention of catching influenza. It is considered the most effective method to prevent flu epidemic and the vaccination also keeps one safe from the complications arising from influenza. Flu vaccine is also effective in reducing chances of getting flu when being in contact with different people who might be carrying the virus already; the annual vaccination keeps one safe throughout the year. For corporates, flu vaccinations can be very effective part of corporate wellness, as flu vaccination events in any corporate will reduce the spread of flu among the employees and they will less likely be absent from work. This will contribute towards better performance and increased productivity of work.

Flu vaccines reduce the likelihood of death occurring from influenza by 50% and reduce the chances of hospitalization by 25%. According to CDC (United States Center of Disease Control and Prevention) getting flu vaccinations annually not only protect you from getting flu but also help control it’s transmission from person to person.

Thus, in short, flu shots can be life saving for people with high risk of complications and can be beneficial for normal people too as they prevent them from influenza very well. They are also the cost effective way of primary prevention in a healthcare field. There are many clinics which not only offer inpatient flu shots, but they also offer onsite flu shot clinics at the Corporates and institutes (colleges, senior care, etc.) where certified professionals (Nurses) administer flu shots in a professional manner. Which offer such vaccinations; you need no appointment, just walk in and get your vaccinations done.

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